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· CM101 for Nonprofits

· Unleashing the Power of Cause Marketing Within Your CSR

· Storytelling as Best Practice

·   Breakfast

·   Welcome

·   Opening Keynotes & Breakouts

·   Halo Awards Luncheon

·    Breakout Sessions & Powerful Discussions

· Cause Marketing 303 for Nonprofits

· Nonprofit Leadership Summit



·   Closing Session


· Networking Session

· Opening Plenary

· Breakouts

· Opening Reception

· Opening Dinner

· Celebration



2013 Cause Marketing Forum Annual Conference Program



8:00 - 2:00

Cause Marketing 101 for Nonprofits

8:00 - 12:00

For Business Only: Unleashing the Power of Cause Marketing Within Your CSR (and vice versa)

8:00 - 12:00

Storytelling as Best Practice



What’s Your Story? New! Whether you’re a CMF newcomer or veteran, you’re guaranteed to meet interesting new people at this fun, fast-paced, low-pressure networking session.                       


Opening Plenary 

Welcome CMF President David Hessekiel
Opening Keynote: CEOs on Championing Purpose-Driven Brands  LIVESTRONG CEO Doug Ulman and Walt Freese former CEO of Ben & Jerry's and Stonyfield Farms reflect on stewarding iconic, cause-focused organizations through good times and bad.

Walt Freese, Founder and Chairman, The Brand Development Group

Doug Ulman, President & CEO, LIVESTRONG


Breakout Sessions (Choose One of Three)                       

Cause Social Strategies for Reaching Moms

Want to get above the digital noise to reach the critical Mom demographic?  Hear The Motherhood’s Emily McKhann on leveraging “Mommy bloggers”, Crossroads’ Wendy Fitch and Blue Bunny's Dave Smetter on the integration of social media into cause campaigns.

Emily McKhann, Co-Founder, The Motherhood

Wendy Fitch, Account Director, Crossroads

Dave Smetter, VP, Wells Enterprises, Inc.

Get Your Story Straight: Legal Update

Last fall, the New York State Attorney General issued cause marketing best practices emphasizing transparency. Will greater enforcement and other states follow? Attorney Ed Chansky of Greenberg Traurig explores the implications for all cause marketers.

Ed Chansky, Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig


Brands want engagement, you want to raise funds and your Board keeps asking why your video hasn't gone viral like Charity Water's, right? This panel will cover some of the latest innovations in digital media - from choosing the right platform to helping reach the largest digital audience to measuring results across multiple campaigns. Studiogood's Chris Noble will lead the discussion with Chase Community Giving's Jorge Fontanez, HopeMob's Shaun King and Causes's James Windon.

Moderator: Chris Noble, CEO, Causemedia Group

Jorge Fontanez, VP & Marketing Manager, Chase Community Giving

Shaun King, Founder & CEO, HopeMob

James Windon, Vice President, Revenue, Causes


Opening Reception



Opening Dinner

Sponsored by:

Welcome: Pascal Beucler, Chief Strategy Officer, MSLGROUP 

Keynote: Change The Story, Change The World Once a top sitcom writer, Andy Goodman gave up a thriving show biz career to help cause-driven organizations earn applause -- or at least more support. The author of “Why Bad Ads Happen to Good Causes” explores how cause marketers can better leverage storytelling to do well by doing good.

Andy Goodman, Director, The Goodman Center



Co-hosted by
Time to kick back and catch up with your colleagues at the end of day one. The fabulous, Halo-Award-winning crew from will breathe special excitement into this dessert reception/celebration of folks trying to do something to make this a better world.





Conference Welcome

David Hessekiel, President, Cause Marketing Forum


Cause Marketing Golden Halo Award for Nonprofits has cornered the market on young people: 2.2 million participated in its cause campaigns last year. CEO and Chief Old Person Nancy Lublin and COO Aria Finger share the mix of sociology, technology and “magic” that moves young people to make a difference in their communities and for pro-social brands.

Nancy Lublin, CEO & Chief Old Person,

Aria Finger, COO,


Cause Marketing Halo Award Spotlight

One of this year's Halo award winners shares a lesson learned.


Leveraging Celebrities to Enhance, Not Obscure, Your Cause Marketing

Celebrity involvement can help catapult cause campaigns to new heights...if they're approached correctly. What does it really take to find the right celebrity and collaborate to create an authentic partnership? What's the best way to navigate the triangle that is brand, cause and celebrity? Nancy Gofus, COO of .ORG, The Public Interest Registry, explores this topic with a star-studded panel of experts.

Connie Fontaine, Director, Marketing Communications, Ford of Canada

Nancy Gofus, COO, .ORG, The Public Interest Registry

Joel Goldman, Director of Entertainment Industry Relations, Malaria No More

René Jones, Founding Director, United Talent Agency Foundation


Communicating Cause to Each Generation

Whether you target Millennials, GenXers or Boomers, The Futures Company’s J. Walker Smith, one of America’s leading trend analysts, will unlock new sources of growth for your cause efforts.

J. Walker Smith, Executive Chairman, The Futures Company


Networking Break


Breakout Sessions & Powerful Discussions (Choose one)

Secrets to Mobile Cause Activation

Americans are growing more mobile-centric every day especially young people.  That pushed to become the most mobile-saavy of cause marketers. Benefit from their experience as’s Aria Finger shares critical lessons learned.

Aria Finger, COO,

45 Minutes to a Killer Nonprofit Elevator Pitch

Can you concisely and powerfully convey your group’s message in 30 seconds or less? Join Children’s National Medical Center’s Stevan Miller for a master class on making your message pitch perfect.

Stevan Miller, Associate Vice President, Corporate & Community Giving, Children's National Medical Center

Unscripted: Reaching Your Audience With Real Stories
In 2012, Ford Warriors in Pink and Team Detroit partnered with Flow Nonfiction, taking a documentary approach to tell the stories of 11 breast cancer survivors. Community engagement soared across all platforms. From the brand, the agency, the film partner and a documentary subject, this is a 360 degree view of the approach with insights for all comers.

Connie Fontaine, Director of Marketing, Ford of Canada
Melissa Rush, Ford Warriors in Pink
David Modigliani, Flow Nonfiction
Tina Herold, Breast Cancer Survivor and Model of Courage
Risa Sherman, Senior Consultant, Cause Consulting

Powerful Discussions
Effectively Integrating Paid, Owned and Earned Media - Today’s most successful non-profit and corporate cause campaigns all have one thing in common: they are strategically integrating a blend of paid, owned and earned media to tell their stories in the most consistent, wide-reaching, and impactful way possible. Together with MSLGROUP's Kiva Starr and Audrey Sylvia, you will discuss the latest best practices, trends, ideas and examples from brands that are successfully and creatively synchronizing communications for optimal engagement across mediums.

Turning Cause Slacktivists into Cause Partners - Let’s face it, in today’s fast-paced, high-touch tech world, a campaign built simply to garner Facebook likes is, well, so 1.0. Join Cone Communications’ cause and social media expert Ziba Cranmer, VP of Social Impact at Cone Communications, for a dynamic conversation on how to motivate for deeper consumer engagement and deliver both brand and social return through social media. Participants will learn and discuss the newest trends in social media for good as well as innovative tools and approaches to drive and sustain relationships with consumers online like data mining, microtargeting and analytics.

Overcoming Internal Corporate Resistance After the Deal is Signed - Successful cause marketing programs often have an internal ambassador who championed the company’s nonprofit partnership(s) but many times these individuals hit roadblocks in uniting departments, divisions and teams internally. Join Allison+Partners’ Dawn Wilcox for a discussion as we talk through how to proactively create internal alignment and develop successful cause campaigns built on consensus, clarity and commitment to a common goal.

Cause Marketing and Millennials - Millennials are a vital part of the charitable giving market. Whether through their volunteer time or their indirect buying power estimated to be an annual $500 billion —largely because of their strong influence on their parents and peers — brands need to be engaging their next generation of consumers and donors today. Join Crossroads' Mike Swenson for a discussion on the best ways to harness this influential population for good.

Perfecting Your Pitch - As Oscar Wilde said, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Learn tips to insure you are positively impressing your partnership prospect! This Powerful Discussion will be led by Mollye Rhea, President of For Momentum and the winner of the last year's Cause Marketing Forum Perfect Pitch contest.  Mollye will share strategies for grabbing your prospect's attention and getting on the path to "yes!"

Across the Great Divide: Integrating Consumer and Employee Cause Campaigns Together - Is it possible to rally both employees and consumers around a single cause campaign? If so, the benefits would be huge: smarter testing, broader sharing and enhanced reputation, among others. So what types of campaigns are best-suited for internal/external integration? How do we get Marketing and HR teams to buy in? How do we scale up for the consumer audience? And how do we define success in an integrated campaign anyway? Join Robert Rosenthal, VP Communications & Marketing of VolunteerMatch, for real-world examples and a discussion to generate ideas.

Celebrity Q&A - Have more questions for our celebrity panel of experts from this morning's panel presentation? Join in this powerful discussion with Nancy Gofus of .ORG, The Public Interest Registry, René Jones, United Talent Agency Foundation and Joel Goldman of Malaria No More and get your celebrity+cause questions answered in a more intimate and focused setting.


Pre-Luncheon Reception


Cause Marketing Halo Awards Luncheon

Cause Marketing Golden Halo Award for Business

Subaru’s tremendous growth since 2008 owes much to supporting the favored causes of its targeted consumers.  Subaru CMO Dean Evans describes how 'Share the Love' ($25 million in donations in five years) and other efforts have helped it prosper even in tough times.

Dean Evans, Chief Marketing Officer, Subaru


Networking Break


Breakout Sessions & Powerful Discussions (Choose one)

In Case of Emergency, Attend This Session

Is your business or nonprofit prepared to respond to the next natural or manmade disaster? Network for Good’s Kate Olsen, Yahoo’s Jennifer Talwar, JetBlue Airways' Icema Gibbs and Joan Smyth Dengler of Covenant House offer lessons learned in generating valued support when communities suffer.

Kate Olsen, Director of Partnerships, Network for Good

Joan Smyth Dengler, SVP, Direct Marketing, Covenant House

Jennifer Talwar, Senior Director, Global Brand Management and For Good, Yahoo!

Icema Gibbs, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, JetBlue Airways

Supercharge Your Point of Sale Program

Many retail point of sale programs are lackluster yet these efforts raise tens of millions annually.  Upgrades can dramatically improve consumer and employee engagement and even speed up checkout lines. Learn how from Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ Sarah Waters and Craig Sorensen.

Sarah Waters, VP, Corporate Partnerships, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Craig Sorensen, Chief Concept Officer, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Unscripted: Reaching Your Audience With Real Stories
In 2012, Ford Warriors in Pink and Team Detroit partnered with Flow Nonfiction, taking a documentary approach to tell the stories of 11 breast cancer survivors. Community engagement soared across all platforms. From the brand, the agency, the film partner and a documentary subject, this is a 360 degree view of the approach with insights for all comers.

Connie Fontaine, Director of Marketing, Ford of Canada
Melissa Rush, Ford Warriors in Pink
David Modigliani, Flow Nonfiction
Tina Herold, Breast Cancer Survivor and Model of Courage
Risa Sherman, Senior Consultant, Cause Consulting

Powerful Discussions (See descriptions under 10:30am)

Effectively Integrating Paid, Owned and Earned Media - Kiva Starr & Audrey Sylvia, MSLGROUP

Turning Cause Slacktivists into Cause Partners - Ziba Cranmer, Cone Communications

Overcoming Internal Corporate Resistance After the Deal is Signed - Dawn Wilcox, Allison+Partners

Cause Marketing and Millennials - Mike Swenson, Crossroads

Perfecting Your Pitch - Mollye Rhea, For Momentum

Across the Great Divide: Integrating Consumer & Employee Cause Campaigns Together - Robert Rosenthal, VolunteerMatch


Networking Break


Breakout Sessions (Choose One)

The Race to be 3rd: Why Cause Marketers Should Take More Risks

All too often risk-averse companies and causes fall back on old reliable cause marketing formats yielding campaigns with humdrum results. Come hear why cause marketers must take more (educated) risks to achieve greater consumer engagement, scale and social impact from Phillip Haid of Public, Inc. and Partners for Mental Health's Jeff Moat, the duo that created 2012’s edgy -- and successful -- “Let’s Call BS” campaign.

Phillip Haid, Co-Founder and CEO, Public, Inc

Jeff Moat, President, Partners for Mental Health

Fast and Furious

TED gives presenters 18 minutes to make their case -- our cause marketing masters are so sharp they only need nine! We've challenged five cause marketing thought-leaders to each share one practical tool or tactic that will help your programs hit new heights.

Kate Atwood, Executive Director, Arby's Foundation

Charlotte Blank, Manager, Global Strategic Marketing, General Motors

Alex Gold, Head of Partnerships, Carrotmob

Kyle Klatt, Program Manager, Groupon Grassroots

Wendy Wong, President & CEO, Breakfast for Learning

Cause Marketing for Small-to-Medium Businesses and Nonprofits

Cause marketing just isn't for Fortune 500 companies with megabudgets or for large nonprofits that can deliver celebrity spokespeople. With the right tools and training, small to medium companies and cause groups can execute successful programs. Learn how from Selfish Giving's Joe Waters, author of "Cause Marketing for Dummies."

Joe Waters, Founder & Blogger,


Networking Break


Cause Storytelling Around the World

As people have learned to filter out 30-second tell-and-sell ads, brands and organizations have had to rediscover their reason for being and tell stories that energize people around a shared purpose. MSLGROUP's PurPle (Purpose + People) team, Procter & Gamble and ANN INC. showcase outstanding purpose-inspired stories that garnered attention and inspired participation.

Moderator: Scott Beaudoin, SVP/Global Director, PurPle, MSLGROUP
Catherine Fisher, Vice President, Corporate Communications, ANN INC.
Bryan McCleary, Director of Brand Public Relations, P&G


Closing Remarks




Post-Conference Workshops separate fees apply

8:00 - 2:00

Cause Marketing 303 for Nonprofits

8:00 - 12:00

Nonprofit Leadership Summit

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