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· CM101 for Nonprofits

· CM101 for Business

· Developing Your Cause Marketing Social Media Strategy

· Nonprofit Leadership Summit

·   Breakfast

·   Welcome

·   Opening Keynotes & Breakouts

·   Halo Awards Luncheon

·    Breakout Sessions & Powerful Discussions

· Cause Marketing 202 for Nonprofits


·   Closing Session


· Opening Breakout Sessions

· Opening Reception

· Opening Dinner

· 10th Birthday Bash


"Great speakers, great lineup, terrific conversations and networking… what more could you ask for?"

  Jennifer Mamlet, AdCouncil Foundation


2012 Cause Marketing Forum Annual Conference Program



8:00 - 2:00

Cause Marketing 101 for Nonprofits

8:00 - 2:00

Cause Marketing 101 for Business

8:00 - 2:00

Developing Your Cause Marketing Social Media Strategy 

10:00 - 2:00

Nonprofit Leadership Summit



Breakout Sessions (Choose One of Three)                       

Cause Marketing Legal Update

With the New York State Attorney General requesting data from businesses and nonprofits engaged in breast cancer cause marketing, could 2012 be the year that state regulation intensifies?   Attorney Ed Chanksy of Greenberg Traurig analyzes that situation and other legal issues.

Ed Chansky, Of Counsel, Greenberg Traurig

The Science of Consumer Engagement and Social Change

Cause marketers frequently base campaigns not on the realities of the human psyche or on data, but on gut instincts that are often completely wrong. Network for Good COO Katya Andresen shares insights from brain science research and behavioral economics that will help you craft cause programs that grab and involve consumers.

Katya Andresen, COO, Network for Good

Unleash Your Cause Marketing Creativity

During his storied marketing career, Bob Thacker has excelled at generating breakout ideas. Learn to dream up and implement attention-grabbing, effective cause programs from the creator of OfficeMax’s award-winning “A Day Made Better” campaign that each year simultaneously surprises 1,000 teachers with gifts of school supplies.

Bob Thacker, Adopt-a-Classroom


Breakout Sessions (Choose One of Three)                       

Nonprofits: Increase Your Cause Marketing Power

To succeed, nonprofits must continually improve their corporate alliance offerings. For Momentum President Mollye Rhea shares effectiveness-boosting strategies for veterans and newcomers. Rebuilding Together Senior Director of Development Jennifer Shreve and Oxfam America New Business Manager Kit Manning bring those ideas to life with case studies.

Mollye Rhea, President, For Momentum

Jennifer Shreve,  Senior Director of Development, Rebuilding Together

Kit Manning, New Business Development Manager, Oxfam America

The Science of Consumer Engagement and Social Change
(see 2:30 description)

Unleash Your Cause Marketing Creativity
(see 2:30 description)

4:30 - 5:30

Breakout Sessions (Choose One of Three)

Six Big Ideas in 60 Minutes

TED gives presenters 18 minutes to make their case -- our cause marketing masters are so sharp they only need nine!   We've challenged six CM top guns to each share one golden knowledge nugget that will help your programs hit new heights.

Holly Thomas, Macy’s
Sarah Harris, Incite
Randy Paynter, Care2
Casey Brennan, VolunteerMatch
Anne Erhard, MSLGROUP
Nancy Gofus, .ORG

The Lighter Side of Cause Marketing

Most cause marketing creative is earnest and serious, but there are bold spirits in our community who inject humor into their campaigns. Join Blogger Joe Waters as he reviews programs that generate laughter along with contributions and profits.

Joe Waters, Blogger, Selfish Giving

Cause Marketing Legal Update
(see 2:30 description)

5:30 - 6:30

Opening Reception

It's time to reunite with old colleagues and make new connections!

Sponsored by .ORG The Public Interest Registry             

6:30 - 8:30

Opening Dinner

Our festive opening dinner – included in your conference registration – will celebrate the great things that can be accomplished when companies and causes collaborate.

8:30 - 10:30

CMF's 10th Birthday Bash

Join the party celebrating a decade of creating community among those who do well by doing good. 

Everyone attending will receive a copy of “Good Works!” the new book by CMF’s David Hessekiel, Professor Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee.

Sponsored by MSLGROUP Americas.                 

10:30 - 11:15

Film Screening and Refreshments

Continue the intrigue with a film screening of The Social Impact of the Internet Today - How we donate, how we learn, and how we connect - and, of course, more refreshments.

Sponsored by .ORG





Conference Welcome

David Hessekiel, President, Cause Marketing Forum


Cause Marketing Golden Halo Award for Nonprofits

UNICEF’s corporate partnerships provide essential resources for the organization’s work in more than 150 countries to help children survive and thrive.  With partners such as IKEA, Gucci, ING, P&G, Starwood, and FC Barcelona, UNICEF has pioneered the development of signature global and U.S. initiatives such as the iconic “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF” campaign.  U.S. Fund for UNICEF President & CEO Caryl M. Stern will share insights into building impactful partnerships that advance UNICEF’s mission and deliver business results for companies and brands around the world.

Caryl M. Stern, President & CEO, U.S. Fund for UNICEF


Cause Marketing Halo Award Spotlight

We'll shine a spotlight on a Halo award winner to learn from their experience.


Perfect Pitch

Succinctly communicating an organization’s cause marketing power is an essential for nonprofits.   Three experts with varied styles will compete for the Perfect Pitch crown: cause marketing agency founder Mollye Rhea, advertising pro and cause visionary Simon Mainwaring and corporate marketer turned development exec Dan Cohen.   Three judges (PR Pro Stephanie Smirnov, president of DeVries PR, entrepreneur Pankaj Shah and Huffington Post’s Brian Sirgutz) will evaluate the pitches, but the final decision rests with you!

Sponsored by AOL Impact.


Dan Cohen, Vice President, Corporate Development, KaBOOM!

Simon Mainwaring, Founder, We First

Mollye Rhea, President, For Momentum


Stephanie Smirnov, President and Chief Creative Officer, DeVries PR

Pankaj Shah, CEO, Tonic

Brian Sirgutz, SVP, AOL/Huffington Post Media Group


Cause Marketing Halo Award Spotlight

We'll shine a spotlight on a Halo award winner to learn from their experience.


The Great Breast Cancer Debate

Breast cancer cause marketing generates more corporate funding and more controversy than any other issue.   Cone Communications’ Alison DaSilva is joined by Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s Margo Lucero, ANN INC.'s Teresa Segarra and Whirlpool's Brian Maynard.

Alison DaSilva, EVP, Research & Insights, Cone Communications

Margo Lucero, VP, Business Development & Partnerships, Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Teresa Segarra, Director, Charitable Initiatives, ANN INC.

Brian Maynard, Director, Marketing Services, Whirlpool




Breakout Sessions (Choose one of three)

Anatomy of a Campaign: Coca-Cola and World Wildlife Fund’s Arctic Home

Hear the story behind the beverage giant and environmental group’s headline-grabbing program to protect polar bears from WWF’s Sheri Turnbow and The Coca-Cola Company’s Anne Weaver.

Sheri Turnbow, Director, Corporate Partner Marketing, World Wildlife Fund

Anne Weaver, Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing Content, Coca-Cola North America

The Pros and Cons of Crowdsourced Corporate Giving

Whether you consider voting competitions a blessing or a curse they aren’t going away.'s George Weiner will analyze the crowdsourced phenomenon, help nonprofits decide what to enter and advise companies on how to build responsible systems.

George Weiner, CTO,

The Lighter Side of Cause Marketing
(See May 30 at 4:30)


Pre-Luncheon Reception


Cause Marketing Halo Awards Luncheon

Cause Marketing Golden Halo Award for Business:
Procter & Gamble

A cause marketing pioneer for more than three decades, Procter & Gamble focuses its social investments on supporting disadvantaged youth and providing relief when disaster strikes.  Children’s safe drinking water, maternal vaccinations and educational access are just three of the many issues tackled by the company and its megabrands.   Hear how its “Purpose Driven” philosophy is helping P&G prosper while touching and improving lives around the globe.

Melanie Healey, Group President for North America, Procter & Gamble


Breakout Sessions & Powerful Discussions

Attend your choice of breakout presentations or participate in one of a dozen small group discussions.

The Gamification of Cause Marketing

The application of game concepts to cause marketing campaigns has skyrocketed recently. CMF’s Megan Strand describes emerging trends.  Zynga’s Laura Pincus Hartman, Vitrue's Erika Brookes and Yum! Brands’ Chris Fuller illustrate with case examples.

Chris Fuller, Director, International Public Affairs and CSR, Yum! Brands

Laura Pincus Hartman, Director, External Partnerships,

Erika Brookes, VP of Marketing, Vitrue

Anatomy of a Campaign: Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream

Since July 2008, the Boston Beer Company and Accion USA have partnered on providing microloans and mentoring to food and beverage entrepreneurs.   Boston Beer Company’s Michelle Sullivan, Cause Consulting’s Mark Feldman and ACCION’s Shaolee Sen share insights into the challenges and opportunities of supporting domestic small businesses through microfinance.

Mark Feldman, Principal and Managing Director, Cause Consulting

Shaolee Sen, VP of Strategy and Development, ACCION

Michelle Sullivan, Senior Director of Corporate and External Relations, The Boston Beer Company

Powerful Discussions

Transparency: Cause Marketing’s Dirty Little Secret Consumers demand it. Cause marketers extol it. Yet many of even the best-known programs fail to live up to full disclosure. Today, as consumer and activist scrutiny intensifies, it’s more important than ever for brands to live up to the transparency mantra. Join Cone Communications’ EVP of cause branding and nonprofit marketing, Craig Bida, for a candid discussion about transparency in today’s cause marketplace and the risks, challenges and opportunities brands may face.  Craig Bida, Cone Communications

Top 10 Partnerships Trends and How To Leverage Them to Your Advantage Today's cluttered cause marketplace makes it increasingly difficult for both nonprofits and companies to stand above the crowd. Those that succeed have found a way to leverage partnerships in innovative, new ways.  Join MSLGROUP to explore the Top 10 trending ways that nonprofits and companies are working together, from crowdsourcing to credibility alliances and everything in between.  Companies will learn new ways work with NGOs, and nonprofits will learn new ways to position themselves. Anne Erhard, MSLGROUP Americas

Reducing the “Risky Business” of Cause Partner Selection Corporate and nonprofit brands are complicated animals – and pairing them together in a consumer facing campaign poses risks unless done carefully.  Join Scott Pansky, Partner and Co-Founder of Allison+Partners as he shares part of the “secret sauce” of a proven formula corporations can use to vet nonprofit partners to reduce risk and improve ROI. Scott Pansky, Allison+Partners

Just Give:  Tools and Tactics That Compel Meaningful Giving  Many incentives and options are available to cause marketers when designing a cause marketing campaign:  matches and prizes, social media and mobile technology, online campaigns and direct mail.   But which of these elements are actually effective in creating a meaningful giving experience?  Join Geoff Livingston, author and VP of Strategic Partnerships for Razoo, as he leads a discussion on how to weave the many available tools to amplify consumers’ giving experience.  Geoff Livingston, Razoo

Beyond the Perfect Pitch | Idea Lab with Citizen Schools After three cause experts pitch a panel of judges and the audience on nonprofit Citizen Schools during the American Idol-style  ‘Perfect Pitch’ contest, the real work begins in this Powerful Discussion.  Join Stephanie Smirnov, President and Chief Creative Officer of DeVries Public Relations as she digs deeper into creating the nuts and bolts of a cause marketing strategy for Citizen Schools.  Come ready to offer ideas and observe the process.  Stephanie Smirnov, DeVries PR


Breakout Sessions & Powerful Discussions

Attend your choice of breakout presentations or participate in one of a dozen small group discussions.

Corporate Social Marketing

Have you considered creating a campaign that stimulates prosocial changes in consumer behavior?  Social marketing expert Nancy Lee provides an overview of best practices. Sanofi Pasteur’s Julianne Burk and March of Dimes’ Chad Royal-Pascoe share the story behind the “Sounds of Pertussis” program.

Julianne Burk, Director of Vaccine Advocacy, Sanofi Pasteur

Nancy Lee, President, Social Marketing Services

Chad Royal-Pascoe, VP, National Strategic Alliances, March of Dimes

Nonprofits: Increase Your Cause Marketing Power
(See May 30 at 3:30)

Powerful Discussions (see descriptions under 2:00 pm sessions)

Transparency: Cause Marketing’s Dirty Little Secret
Craig Bida, Cone Communications

Top 10 Partnerships Trends and How To Leverage Them to Your Advantage
Anne Erhard, MSLGROUP Americas

Reducing the “Risky Business” of Cause Partner Selection
Scott Pansky, Allison+Partners

Just Give:  Tools and Tactics That Compel Meaningful Giving
Geoff Livingston, Razoo




Cause Goes Global: The Pampers “1 pack = 1 vaccine” Campaign

Since 2006, Procter & Gamble and UNICEF have partnered to combat maternal and neonatal tetanus by linking the funding of vaccinations to Pampers sales.  Professor Linda Scott of Oxford’s Said Business School, co-author of a case study on the program, and Geneva-based Procter & Gamble executive Nada Dugas will share an inside view of this international program’s challenges and successes.

Nada Dugas, Associate Director, External Relations Baby Care, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Procter & Gamble

Professor Linda Scott, World Chair for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, University of Oxford


Bridging the CSR/CM Divide

When CMF launched ten years ago, there was a wide chasm between the CSR and CM communities. New thinking and economic necessity have brought these camps closer together.  Campbell Soup Company’s Dave Stangis and New Balance’s Christine Madigan explore prospects for greater CSR/CM convergence.

Christine Madigan, VP of Responsible Leadership, New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.

Dave Stangis, VP, CSR & Sustainability, President, Campbell Soup Foundation


Closing Remarks




Post-Conference Workshops separate fees apply

8:00 - 2:00

Cause Marketing 202 for Nonprofits



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