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Q: What types of campaigns are eligible as HALO award nominees?

A: Entries must be for campaigns that occurred in whole or in part during the previous calendar year in the United States or Canada.

Campaigns qualify as cause marketing if they are designed to measurably advance the interests of both a business and a nonprofit partner or cause.

Previous Cause Marketing Halo Award winning campaigns are not eligible for re-entry in the category in which they've previously won (with the exception of new video creative in the video creative category).

Q: When is the Entry Deadline?

A: For 2016 the deadline will be January 19 with late entries accepted no later than January 21, 2016 and subject to a $100 late fee. All of your materials must be RECEIVED by these dates, not simply postmarked.

Q: What is the Judging Process?

A: A committee of up to six judges will evaluate the entries and select one winner and one runner up in each category. Judges will recuse themselves from judging a category if they have a relationship with an entrant that presents a conflict of interest.  The judges may, at their discretion, switch the category in which an entry competes.

Finalists in each category will be notified of their status by March 1, 2016. Winners will not be announced publicly until June 2, 2016 at the Halo Awards Luncheon at the 2016 Cause Marketing Forum Conference in Chicago. The identities of the judges will not be announced until the day of the event. The decision of the judges is final. In the event of a tie, the president of Cause Marketing Forum, Inc. will select the winning entry.

Q: Who can enter?

A: Companies or nonprofits engaged in cause marketing or their consumer promotion, advertising or public relations agencies.

Q: What are the judging criteria?

A: There are four judging criteria: Conceptual Strength, Execution, Business Results and Cause Results (Note: Entries in the video creative category will be primarily be judged on their conceptual strength and execution).

Conceptual strength
Business Results
Cause Results

Q: What are The Categories?

A: Cause marketing programs may be entered in one or more of the following categories (see last year's winners here or search all Halo Awards here):

Q:  What are the Entry Fees?



Q: Why should I join the Cause Marketing Forum?

A: Joining the nation’s top organization of cause marketers identifies you as a member of a community of business and nonprofit professionals dedicated to advancing the field of doing well by doing good. As a CMF member , you’ll benefit from ongoing networking opportunities, member newsletter, both monthly and annual education events, updates on latest cause marketing news, research and tools and inclusion in the Who’s Who of Cause Marketing – the  CMF Directory .  Whether you’re new to the field of cause marketing or a seasoned veteran, Cause Marketing Forum membership keeps you up to date and in the know on all things cause marketing.  There’s a member level that’s right for you – join us today! 

Q: How long does membership last?

A: Each membership package lasts one year from the date of registration.

Q: How do I become a member?


Send your check made out to CMFI and registration form to:
CMF Membership
63 Overlook Place
Rye, NY 10580

Q: What if I want to cancel my membership?

A: You may cancel your membership and receive a full refund up to 7 days after joining the Cause Marketing Forum. After that point, you may cancel your membership, but your payment will not be refunded.

Q: Can I transfer my membership?

A: Individual memberships are non-transferable.  Agencies and nonprofit groups that join the Cause Marketing Forum at the “Organization” level receive ten individual memberships as part of their package. If a membership is assigned to someone who leaves the organization or whose responsibilities change, the organization may request to transfer the individual membership to another employee by emailing the request to member [at]


Q:  How do I access the Member Center?

A: To access the Member Center you must first establish a username and password.  You should have received an email with instructions on creating your unique login.  If you did not, please send us an email.

Q:  I've forgotten my Login or Password to the Member Center - how can I retrieve it?

A:  Navigate to the Member Center login page (Membership/Member Center). At the bottom of the page is a link to request your password (see screen shot).  Click the link and either provide your login name or your email address and your password will be sent directly to your email on record.

Q:  I'm trying to register for an upcoming Webinar.  How can I get the member discount to apply?

A:  When you reach the upcoming Webinar registration, you'll be asked to register like other users. Once in the shopping cart, you'll come to a screen where it asks you to enter your contact information.  There will be a line of text above the contact form that reads, "Click here to autofill this form".  Click the link provided.  You will be asked to login to the website again.  Once logged in, your profile information will appear.  Click "Submit" and your discount will be applied, showing a $0.00 total.  Click "Submit" again to complete the registration.

Q:  How do I access recorded courses and webinars?

A:  You must be logged into the Member Center to access recorded courses and webinars.  Once logged in, your home screen will provide a direct link to all recorded courses or webinar audio and presentations.  No registration is required.


Q: What is a CMF Webinar and how does it work?

A: A CMF Webinar uses an online platform to put you in touch with a cause marketing expert and other interested participants. Upon registration, registrants will receive an email notification with a link to click on the appointed day and time (a regular phone number in the United States will also be provided if your computer does not have audio speakers).

Callers are muted during webinar presentations to maximize audio quality (in other words to avoid hearing barking dogs, sirens, potato chip bags crinkling, side conversations and the like.)  We encourage participants to email questions for the speaker to askus [at]  Participants may also type questions into the webinar dashboard after logging in.

Instructions on accessing a recording will be sent to registrants within a few days of the live session.

Note: The cost to call into the webinar is your long distance provider’s standard long distance charge.

Q: How do I register for a CMF Webinar?


Job title
Email address
Name and date of the class you are registering for

To: CMF Webinars
63 Overlook Place
Rye, NY 10580

Q: What if I lose my confirmation email with the webinar link?

A:  Don’t worry.  We'll be sending reminders so if you misplace the initial email, you will receive a reminder an hour before the scheduled webinar time.  Alternatively, up to one hour prior to the webinar, contact Cause Marketing Forum via email at askus [at] or by phone at (914) 921-3914. Send us your name, email address, the webinar you’ve registered for and a phone number where you can be reached and we’ll send you the required information.

Q: How do I withdraw from a CMF webinar?

A: You can withdraw and receive a 100% refund up to 1 week prior to the scheduled date by sending us an email with your cancellation details. If you need to cancel with less than a week to go, you have the option of receiving a 100% credit toward a future CMF webinar or a 50% refund.

Q:  Can I capture audio of a CMF Webinar?

A:  No. CMF Webinars are the intellectual property of Cause Marketing Forum, Inc.

Q:  I live in a country other than the United States. Can I participate in CMF Webinar?

A:  Yes, our webinars are open to everyone. Using the web link option will eliminate the cost of a long-distance phone call.  If you do need to use the dial-in option, the ever-decreasing cost of international long distance service should make them affordable to people from all over the globe. Our webinars are conducted in English.

Q:  How do I convert the Eastern time zone to my time zone?

A:  Just click here for an easy to use time converter.

Additional questions? Please email them to us at askus [at]


Q:  How Can My Organization Become a CMF Sponsor?

A:  Conference sponsorships are a great way to get your message out to business, nonprofit and agency professionals responsible for creating and implementing programs that do well by doing good.  Sponsorships range from standard packages for conference exhibitors to customized year-round programs.  To discuss how investing in a CMF sponsorship could benefit your company, please email us at askus [at] or call (914) 921-3914.

Q:  What is The Substitution/Cancellation Policy?

A:  You may substitute attendees at any time up to one day before the event. All substitutions must be made in writing. Cause Marketing Forum, Inc. (CMFI) will refund 100% of your payment if cancelled within 48 hours of registration. CMFI will refund your payment less a 15% service charge for cancellations received in writing by April 15, 2016. For cancellations received after April 15, 2016, but before May 13, 2016, you may opt for a 50% refund or a 100% credit to be applied to Cause Marketing Forum or Peer to Peer Professional Forum membership or future conference, up to one year from date of issuance. There will be no refunds or credits for cancellations received after May 13, 2016.

Q:  Do CMF Members Get a Discount on Conference Registration Fees?

A:  Yes!  All CMF Members Get a $50 discount on the annual conference.

Q:  Are group discounts available?

A:  Group discounts are available upon request for groups of 5 or more. Request must be made prior to registration. Discount cannot be combined with any special offers other than early bird and member discounts.

Q:  Will I receive a list of other attendees?  

A:  In keeping with our privacy policy, Cause Marketing Forum does not distribute advance, electronic versions of the conference roster. All conference registrants will receive printed rosters at the conference. Rosters are provided to encourage collegial, post-conference communication and selective outreach, but should not be used for mass mailings or spamming.

Q: Is the conference geared toward CM novices or veterans?

A: We carefully program the CMF conference to provide information valuable information for cause marketers all along the experience spectrum and in varying formats (keynote presentations, breakout sessions, small group discussions, etc.) to cater to people with different learning styles.

Q:  Do you accept volunteers?

A:  Yes!  We primarily utilize student volunteers for our annual conference.  If you'd like to learn more about volunteering at the annual conference, please send us an email.


Q: How much does it cost to attend the Cause Marketing Forum?

Conference and workshop pricing for 2016 will be announced in December, 2016.


Q: What is the best way to contact you?

A: The Cause Marketing Forum
63 Overlook Place
Rye, New York 10580
(914) 921-3914
askus [at]