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Congratulations to the 2011 Golden Halo Award Winners!

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Business:  eBay

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Golden Halo Award:  Nonprofit

In 2000, Bronx high school teacher Charles Best launched to enable individuals to connect directly with classrooms in need. Public school teachers post classroom project requests (such as pencils for a poetry writing unit or microscope slides for a biology class) at Donors browse the lists of classroom needs, give any amount and hear back from the class they helped with photographs, thank-you letters and a cost report showing how every dollar was spent.

In 2006, developed a string of technology and marketing break- throughs that have empowered corporate partners to engage millions of people in support of public school teachers and their students.  Companies have used gift cards to give their customers the ex- perience of supporting classrooms in need. Retailer Crate and Barrel, for example, has distributed more than 1 million gift cards to its customers and experienced growth in sales, customer engagement and brand loyalty.’s application programming interface allows business partners to leverage the organization’s online program platform to create their own cause market- ing programs. The first such program, Sonic Drive-In’s Limeades for Learning, engaged teachers, students and parents to raise $1.35 million for classroom resources in commu- nities across the country.  The expanding group of corporate partners includes American Express, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Chevron, Microsoft, U.S. Cellular and Yahoo!

For leading cause marketing into the digital age; for forging creative, high-tech, high- touch partnerships with a diverse group of corporate partners; and for helping enrich the classrooms of millions of students, the Cause Marketing Forum honors with the 2011 Cause Marketing Golden Halo Award for Nonprofits.

Golden Halo Award: Business eBay

eBay, the first e-commerce company to win the Cause Marketing Forum’s coveted Golden Halo, is being honored for a program launched, like CMF, in 2003: eBay Giving Works.

Giving Works makes it convenient for people to raise money for their favorite causes on eBay through several avenues: Sellers can donate a percentage of anything they sell up to 100 per-cent—and get that same percentage off their listing fees; buyers can add a donation to any purchase; anyone can make an immediate cash donation; and nonprofits can sell directly—with all fees waived—to raise funds.

It’s an outstanding example of a cause initiative that is deeply integrated into a company’s operations and that generates significant business and social dividends.

For example:

  • eBay buyers and sellers raised $54.8 million for nonprofits in 2010 and have generated nearly $250 million in donations since the program’s inception.
  • Market research indicates the program is a boon to sellers. 
  • On average, buyers pay 2 percent to 6 percent more for items that benefit charity as indicated by displaying the blue and yellow Giving Works ribbon.
  • Cause ties have attracted many new buyers and sellers to eBay over the years.
Giving Works is just one part of eBay’s Global Citizenship portfolio of programs, which includes initiatives to enable the eBay community to sell and buy more sustain- ably, a global marketplace for environmentally and socially responsible shopping, the eBay Foundation and a microfinance organization.

For embedding giving into the world’s largest online marketplace, for sharing proof that doing well and doing good can go hand in hand in cyberspace and for helping thousands of nonprofits raise hundreds of millions of dollars, the Cause Marketing Forum honors eBay with the 2011 Cause Marketing Golden Halo Award for Business.

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