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What New York’s Cause Marketing Guidelines Mean for You

Are the guidelines recently issued by New York’s attorney general a game-changing development for cause marketers?

Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation have already signed on to comply – what should your business or nonprofit organization do? Are other states likely to follow suit?

We’ve assembled three of cause marketing’s leading legal minds to answer those questions and more:  Ed Chansky of Greenberg Traurig, Karen Wu of Perlman & Perlman and Kristalyn Loson of Venable.

Questions to be Addressed:

  • Will disclosure formats now commonly used on packaging, websites and advertising pass muster under these new best practices?
  • Why do charities need to use extra caution in posting information about 'active and closed campaigns' on their websites?
  • What are the specific recommendations for cause marketing campaigns using social media?
  • How detailed does a charity's mission statement need to be in 'Best Practice' disclosure?
  • Is the suggestion of donation labels mandate or example?
  • How will companies meaningfully estimate the number of purchase when experimenting with new products/services? 

    Speaker Profiles

    Edward B. Chansky, Of Counsel, Greenberg Traurig

    Ed practices in the areas of advertising, promotion, sweepstakes, intellectual property, internet and trade regulation law, including charitable promotions, protection and licensing of trademarks and copyrights worldwide, electronic commerce, and antitrust law. In 2008, he joined Greenberg Traurig’s Las Vegas office after 20 years practicing in Connecticut.

    Karen I. Wu, Senior Associate, Perlman & Perlman

    Ms. Wu’s practice focuses on corporate governance, tax-exemption, fundraising regulation, business activities, joint ventures, political activities, and intellectual property matters. Ms. Wu has provided counsel to public charities, private foundations (including corporate and family foundations), fundraising professionals, and for-profit companies engaging in cause marketing and philanthropy.

    Kristalyn J. Loson, Associate, Venable LLP

    Ms. Loson focuses her practice primarily on nonprofit organizations and associations, assisting charities, trade and professional associations, and other nonprofit organizations on a wide array of legal issues, including incorporation and tax-exemption applications, tax-exemption compliance and IRS audits, corporate governance, membership issues, and event contracts, among others. Ms. Loson regularly advises charitable organizations as well as major corporations on laws related to fundraising and charitable solicitation, and has assisted several prominent retailers and manufacturers in designing nationwide and international cause marketing campaigns. Prior to entering the legal profession, Ms. Loson worked as a fundraiser for a large multi-national nonprofit organization.


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